Wedding Trends for 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic’s impact will influence wedding trends for 2021, and I think there will be two clear directions when it comes to planning. Clients will either adopt a ‘bigger is better” approach and postpone their wedding until bigger weddings are allowed. Others will opt for elopement or micro-weddings, scaling back their guest list, and celebrating with their closest loved ones. These smaller weddings will have much more sentiment and meaning, where personalization and presentation will be a focal point. Creating an experience from the minute guests arrive.

What wedding flower trends can we expect to see in 2021/22?

There will undoubtedly be a carryover from 2020 due to the postponements, as brides will still keep their style and ideas. I think that the floral wedding buzzwords will be light, natural, ethereal, delicate, and sustainable.

Couples are making a conscious choice to use locally-grown and sourced flowers to cut down on their carbon footprint – and lots of them. They want sustainable floral arrangements. There certainly is a “back to nature” trend, a real organic feel to florals, big open garden roses, naturally styled, lots of texture, and unstructured/wild/loose arrangements. Styling sees earthier, more neutral tones created with a mix of bleached dried flowers and grasses such as pampas grass, bunny tails or wheat sheaves, and seed pods—all sustainable and eco-friendly.

With all things natural, we can expect to see nude, muted colour schemes with neutral shades, golds, creams, and muted florals with subtle colour variations. We will see less bold colours and more subtle undertones such as peach and soft pastels coming through. Green and whites are timeless and will always have their place, but I think that the white might stand aside for the buttery tones. The use of natural textures, fabrics, and pairings used cleverly will complete the look.

Brides and grooms will explore where to allocate their flower budget to the most effect. We will see them choosing focal statements at their church or venue or both. Floral sculptures and suspended installations will create the wow factor. There is a popularity increase for breath-taking hanging florals, and this design will surely do that. A balance of beautiful flowers, perfect in form and design, and just enough of everything will be the trend.

Just because your wedding may be small, your flowers certainly don’t need to be!

Living Plants will be used to bring the outside in. Varying potted herbs/greenery will be used around the venue and to style tables. These will then double up as unique gifts to be given away, particularly at smaller, more intimate gatherings.

Weddings are the only time a bride holds flowers for a long time, so why not have a beautiful, meaningful bouquet to compliment her stunning gown, big or small. A bridal bouquet is the most photographed floral item. I always suggest adding a hint of scent, which will conjure up memories of their day in the future. Popular flower choices to add perfume are the softly scented beautiful luxury garden roses, especially O’Hara and the David Austin roses.

Flowers won’t stop there. Edible flowers are already a huge trend. Food and drinks at weddings are already playing a far more significant part in adding to the overall experience. Dinners have almost become theatrical. We are going to see edible flowers frozen in ice-cubes, floating in cocktails. Flowers in salads, frozen rose heads with sorbets, in desserts, it’s this attention to detail and personalization that many couples will be seeking to add to their special day.

I might be biased, but flowers are the best way to make a statement at your wedding

Sandra Trethewey

Spring 2020

Farmgirl Flowers

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