Welcome to Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers specialises in growing Scented Garden Roses.

Grown in open fields, the flowers have a more natural appearance; have an amazing fragrance and a longer vase life.
Farmgirl flowers also grows seasonal blooms, be sure to enquire what’s flowering when you order. Flowers are grown for the wholesale and retail markets and are available off the farm. Flowers are picked a few days a week ensuring they are always fresh.

Farmgirl Flowers' Wedding and Function Flowers

Are you planning a special occasion?

We will happily meet with you to discuss any special occasion or wedding flower requirements.

Farmgirl Flowers will take care of all your flowers requirements for your special occasion. Our options are:

  1. We can arrange all your flowers to your liking and deliver them to your wedding venue within KZN.
  2. If you would like to arrange your own…you can buy buckets of our flowers for your function which can be collected off the farm or delivered to your venue.

How to care for fresh cut roses

Always use clean tap water and if you have a flower preservative, add it to the water.
Remove any foliage that may be submerged when you place the roses in the vase.
Trim about 1cm off the end of each stem before arranging (this will eliminate the dried ends of the stem and
allow the flowers to drink water).
Once in a vase, try to keep in a cool area of your room for display.
Avoid drafts and heat sources, including direct sunlight.
As always, keep an eye on the water level of the vase as your roses will drink.

Please contact Sandra to find out more:
+27 33 503 1355