How to care for fresh-cut roses
  1. Always use clean tap water and if you have a flower preservative, add it to the water.
  2. Remove any foliage that may be submerged when you place the roses in the vase.
  3. Trim about 1cm off the end of each stem before arranging (this will eliminate the dried ends of the stem and allow the flowers to drink water).
  4. Once in a vase, try to keep in a cool area of your room for display.
  5. Avoid drafts and heat sources, including direct sunlight.
  6. As always, keep an eye on the water level of the vase as your roses will drink.

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How our ordering process works

When ordering online, you can select to:

  • Collect your order from us,
  • Arrange for your own courier, or
  • Get your flowers dropped off at The Courier Guy depot in Pietermaritzburg – order must be a minimum of R1000. You will be responsible for arranging your own delivery with The Courier Guy, including all Courier Guy charges. Farmgirl Flowers charges R150 for dropping off your order at the depot.

Orders will go out every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. Please indicate which date you’d like your order to go out on the checkout page. IMPORTANT: Orders will need to be confirmed by the farm and orders need to be made 48 hours in advance of your desired collection / delivery date.