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Freshly-picked and delivered for floral artists and professionals

A steady, sustainable supply of flowers for every floral project

Individually wrapped and shipped countrywide for
a delivery fee or collected from the farm for local customers

Farm fresh and fragrant flowers for weddings,
events, home décor, and special occasions

Sample bunch for first-time floral professional customers (delivery not included)

Farmgirl Flowers specialises in growing Scented Garden Roses

We are small scale producers specialising in garden, scented roses, lisianthus and chocolate lace flowers. Along with a few other seasonal blooms: delphiniums, snapdragons and more. From the farm in Wartburg, KwaZulu-Natal, Farmgirl Flowers offers meticulous care and attention in picking and wrapping each flower. This ensures that farm-fresh floral perfection reaches every destination.

At Farmgirl Flowers, we share your passion for the timeless elegance and romance of fresh flowers and their ability to create a sense of awe. Farmgirl Flowers has a vast range of shades to choose from.

Farmgirl Flowers works closely with floral artists to provide a steady supply of freshly-picked, sustainable, fragrant flowers. Contact Farmgirl to talk through your requirements or explore available flowers below. Orders can be shipped countrywide at an extra fee or collected from the farm.

If you are in the area, please give us a call to come and walk the fields (by appointment only).

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  • Peaches – Sample


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